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        Duoyi Network is a leading online gaming company in China ranked among the “Top 10 Chinese Game Enterprises”. For over 15 years since establishment, Duoyi has served its mission statement of making bold and entertaining new experiences, by persistently highlighting independent research, development, and operation. Its?game IPs, like "Shenwu" and "Dream World" series, have gathered over 10 million players. The company has focused on making games as an essential?carrier?of?culture, helping the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization, and building a communicating bridge between China and the world.

        Duoyi Network has more than 3,000 employees. The company provides internal platforms of Talent Center and Technology Research Center that drive innovation and train professionals. As the Copyright Demonstration Base of Guangdong Province, Duoyi owns a large quantity of?core intellectual property rights including patents, copyrights, and registered trademarks. Duoyi’s 130,000㎡ Guangzhou Headquarter Building laid the foundation in 2018, the building is expected to become the incubator of future innovative projects and one of the landmarks of Guangzhou Science City.

        Duoyi Network has paid more than 1.3 billion RMB taxes cumulatively and has been listed as one of the Yearly Top 100 Chinese Technology Companies for eight times. In addition to games, Duoyi also develops Email and IM (Instant Messaging) products. The company has set up branches in Chengdu and Wuhan, with multiple lines for Internet products, and professional R&D teams composed of hundreds of personnel.

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